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Five Best Looking Smartphones to Buy in India July 2017

Smartphones are compared with the components it comes with, and most experts look into the specs more than the design and the looks. However, the consumers have a different point of view, and the customers prefer the looks before the performance, which is why iPhone's never stop selling their old smartphones in the market.

Today we are going to look at some of the good looking smartphones, and you should check out.

Five Best Looking Smartphones to Buy in India July 2017

Price does matter, at the end of the day. You may not be able to find a beautiful smartphone at an affordable price. No manufacturer would give their best under a budget smartphone because why would a consumers go for a high-end expensive smartphone when you can get the better lavish design under a budget. Which is why you may not be able to see the budget-friendly smartphone in the list.

Xperia™ XZ Premium

Sony has finally ditched the Z-series as their flagship smartphones. They have opted XZ-series as their next flagship smartphones, which will have a new face and interface to the smartphone's design. When you have the smartphone in your hand, the premium design and metallic design will shine in your palms. Even the iPhone is nothing when you can compare the Specs and Design because of it's a premium smartphone.

Nubia Z11

You might not know about Nubia smartphone because it's not available all over the world. However, you can order it from other countries, which will cost you $50 extra but worth it, when you only plan is to stand out of the crowd. Nubia Z11 comes with bezel-less, and the front of the smartphone is just premium and futuristic.

*3 Samsung Galaxy A7

We never recommend Samsung because all Samsung budget smartphone is designed to slow down after two years. However, when it comes to premium and fantastic designs, Samsung does stand out of the crowd. Despite having similar designs, Samsung A7 does look a little premium compare to the most budget smartphones by Samsung.

OnePlus 5

There's nothing odd or wrong about having a OnePlus smartphone in the list. In the past, we have never admired the designs of the OnePlus. However, the latest release of the OnePlus 5, which has copied iPhone 7 Plus design, I wouldn't say that you should buy it because it has an iPhone look in it but it does come with Specs, and Premium feels into it. The OnePlus is a Chinese-based company, who have done a marvelous job when it comes to promoting the smartphone to the highest.

Samsung Galaxy S8

Yes, Samsung has nailed it this time with their flagship smartphone S8. I would not give 10/10 regarding specs but the Display is something new and which we haven't seen before. Samsung is the first manufacturer who came up with the idea of bezel-less. You can notice the changes since Samsung Galaxy S4, Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, and Samsung Galaxy S8 is the final version of it.


I think it would be wise for you to wait till the iPhone launches their next generation smartphone in the market. Samsung has nailed it, and Apple cannot accept Samsung accomplishment yet. If you are in a rush, then these are one of the best picks. 

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